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Supermarkets and Grocery Stores in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Supermarkets in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has grown rapidly over the past decade, and therefore enter the modern supermarket. Of course you'll find little neighborhood stores all over, plus the ubiquitous "OXXO" (like the "7-11" up north), for basic needs.

If you’re going to be here a while, or find yourself in need of something you forgot to pack, you’ll find the supermarkets here are not just grocery stores, but more along the lines of the ‘super-center’ stores from up north.

Besides everything you’ll need for your kitchen from fresh meat and produce to dairy and packaged goods, the new supermarkets also offer pharmacies, clothing, hardware, garden supplies, auto parts and supplies, appliances, electronics, furniture, shoes, and everything else you’ll need or might have forgotten. We've also got a WalMart, right next door to the Sam's Club. Most of the stores are on 'the main road through town', Ave, Francisco Medina Ascencio. With a street name that long, it's no wonder that everybody simply calls it 'the main road', 'the main drag', or sometimes 'Las Palmas' due to the proliferation of palm trees along side and in the boulevards.


The ‘older’ supermarket in the central part of Puerto Vallarta has some ‘extra’ departments as well, but are primarily food-oriented, and especially convenient for anybody staying in or near ‘El Centro’. "Ley" is just a few blocks North of the end of the malecon.

Ley, is a very typical older Mexican supermarket, that doesn't cater specifically to gringos' tastes. Our experience is that they often have the best prices in town and great 2-for-1 and 3-for-2 specials when they get large shipments at a good price. Another plus for Ley is the free underground parking.

Walking into Ley will likely give the modern North American tourist a little flashback…small carts, narrow aisles, crowded shelves. It’s like walking into a Safeway or A&P about 40 years ago, but they offer just about anything your kitchen needs, and what they don’t have, you can probably live without.Ley has an upstairs level, with a variety of home merchandise and stuff that just doesn’t fit downstairs.

Grocery Store Tradition: In any grocery store big or small, old or new, that has a youngster (or sometimes an ‘oldster’) bagging your groceries, it is proper to give a tip (“propina” – say ‘Proe-Peen-Ah’) for this service. A couple pesos for one bag, maybe as many as 10 pesos if you have a LOT of groceries. An additional tip should be offered if you want them to push the cart out to your car or taxi, where they will help load your stuff into the trunk or backseat. Typically these youngsters are working only for tips and before or after school hours, and although it is not their style to be overly gracious when receiving your tip, know that it is probably an important part of their family’s income or his/her education fund.


From South to North: the big supermarkets in Puerto Vallarta:

LEY: 362 Juarez Street, between Chile and Uraguay Streets, in the northern part of 'El Centro' (Downtown).


MEGA: Ave. Francisco Medina Ascencio, just a couple blocks north of the Sheraton or the Sports Park.



SORIANA: (Formerly "Gigante", and often still referred to as such) The anchor store of the Plaza Caracol Shopping Center, on Ave. Francisco Medina Ascencio, across from Los Tules resort, in the 'hotel zone'. There's another one on the opposite side of the same street almost to the Cruise Ship Terminal, and a "Sooper-Dooper" Soriana on Francisco Villa almost to the town of Pitillal


WALMART: On Ave. Francisco Medina Ascencio directly across the street from the Cruise Ship Terminal. (Locals like to snicker at cruise ship passengers who get off the boat for an hour or so to visit Walmart for their souvenirs and think they've visited Vallarta.)


COMMERCIAL MEXICANA: The anchor store of the Plaza Marina Shopping Center on Ave. Francisco Medina Ascencio, just before the airport.

There's also a SAM'S CLUB (right next to Walmart) and a COSTCO on Francisco Villa in Fluvial. Your membership cards from the U.S. or Canada are valid here.


Also of note:

PARADISE PLAZA in Nuevo Vallarta also has a very nice modern grocery store.


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