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Sports Bars in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Puerto Vallarta Sports Bars


Can’t stand the idea of missing the big game while you’re
on vacation in Puerto Vallarta?

Relax. Puerto Vallarta has plenty of sports bars to keep you in the action. Remember, lots of ‘former gringos’ live here year-‘round, and they need to get their fix on their old home-town teams, so you’ll feel right at home, except that your opponent’s team is likely to have fans here too. That just makes for better bar rivalries though, right? You can legally partake in sports betting as well (see bottom).

EL TORITO is in Viejo Vallarta (‘Old Vallarta’) at the corner of Vallarta and Carranza Streets. Get a bucket of ice with two cold Corona or Pacifico beers for about $3 (usd), and take in the action on any of about 15 screens. They’ve got multiple feeds and can get almost any game you want. During championship play the place gets packed both downstairs (air conditioned) and upstairs (breezy open patio), so plan to arrive early. While they post a game schedule, if there’s a game you want to see that’s not posted and there’s a TV available, they’ll switch it on for you. Also known for great ribs and ladies’ nights.


LA ESCONDIDA is a very laid-back, ‘neighborhood’-type joint a few blocks away, on Jacarandas just off of Madero, especially popular with visiting Canadians needing an NHL fix. Six big TVs catering to whatever the crowd wants, on up to 3 different cable and satellite feeds, and the beer is always cold and cheap. Often populated by ‘local' Gringos and Canadians who live here in Puerto Vallarta year-’round who are a great source of ‘insider’ tips on where to eat, what to see, etc. Very friendly, and worth a look if you’re looking to see a game in a more relaxed atmosphere. The fabulous Lori (from Alberta, Canada) now owns the place, with Alejandra, Mari, and Cukis providing excellent and friendly service 7 days a week. Also home to the soon-to-be-famous All You Can Eat Pancake and French Toast breakfast every Saturday morning! A VALLARTASOURCE TOP PICK.



CHAMPIONS is at the Marriott CasaMagna resort in Nuevo Vallarta, part of the chain of the same name from The States. Comfortable and accommodating with lots of TVs and a big screen and a good sports bar menu, this is the place for all you folks out in Nuevo Vallarta. You’ll feel like you’re back home, which kinda misses the point of being in Puerto Vallarta, but there ya go.


HOOTERS isn’t really a sports bar (we know why you go there, and it isn’t for the chicken wings), but has a bunch of TVs tuned to sports and you can usually find your game here. It’s in the Plaze Peninsula, and be advised, guys: the ‘eyes’ of a Mexican ‘owl’ tend to be a little smaller here, but they usually come with faces just as beautiful.


STEVE'S BAR on Basilio Badillo Street just north of Vallarta Street (In Viejo Vallarta) specializes in NASCAR and NHL, and has some good ‘home-style’ food if you are tired of Mexican fare. Air conditioned, and fair prices on beer and cocktails. Those of you who remember Sammy at Burros Bar from previous trips will find him here most days with his regular excellent service and friendship.


If you are a soccer fan, you will find that nearly ANY bar will be a good sports bar for you…soccer (“futbol”) is a national obsession, and if there isn’t a current game on, they’ll be broadcasting a past game or something from South America or Europe. In Puerto Vallarta, the favorite teams tend to be the Chivas (“goats”, believe it or not) or Americas, both from Guadalajara, the capital of Puerto Vallarta’s state of Jalisco.


SPORTS BETTING: You can wager on football, basketball, baseball, soccer, races, and boxing matches, and more at legalized sports books in Mexico. There are several inside Vallarta's "casinos", located inside Plaza Peninsula, or across the street from the cruise ship terminal, or at the north end of Malecon.. They also have slot machines, a new gambling addition to Puerto Vallarta. If you can’t stand to miss an opportunity to place a wager on your favorite team, this is the place to go. Stop in, check the odds, and place your bet. Odds are similar to Las Vegas lines. There’s a small lounge with multiple televisions if you want to watch the action and count your winnings (or mourn your losses).


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