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Scuba diving tours in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Scuba Diving and Snorkel Tours in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is part of the beautiful Bahia de Banderas (Bay of Flags), on the Mexican Riviera. It serves as host to the curious giant manta rays, the magnificent humpback whale, loggerhead and green turtles (to name just a few), and also our year-round guests, the bottlenose dolphin. There is a fascinating variety of tropical fish - among them the angelfish, sergeant major, damsel fish, parrot fish, trigger fish and many more. The bay has multiple excellent diving sites...you'll want to dive them all!


Most dive trips depart at 9:00 am and return by 3:00 pm. Night dives also available. Travel time varies by dive operator...Griffin will be glad to help insure you get the dive trip that's right for you based on your desires, experience, and hotel location. Quality operators will supply refreshments and snacks during your trip. Two-tank daytime dives typically start at about $75 (usd) per person. Non-divers and snorkelers in your group are welcome to come along for a nominal charge.




1: Los Arcos (The Arches) Underwater National Park: Granite formations rising from depths that vary from 25 feet to 60 feet, through millions of years carved by the force of the ocean forming arches and caves which is how they became to be named Los Arcos. Out of the main arch the continental platform begins on a wall 1800 feet deep, a magical dive beginning on the edge (60 feet), divers will experience the "Abyss" feeling. It is also home of several species of Rays, Mantas, Eels, Morays and lots of other marine life.


Scuba diving at Los Arcos can be the equivalent of dipping into a large aquarium... filled with friendly, tropical fish. With multiple sites ranging from 30 to 60 feet, and deeper, divers will encounter interesting and varied terrain. With it's rich marine life and interesting underwater topography, Los Arcos offers something special for the snorkelers and all levels of divers


2: Colomitos is a small, picturesque cove, located just around the bend from Boca de Tomatlan, and offers an up-close (seclude from the crowds) dive experience with a sharply-sloped underwater hillside... where we can observe a variety of aquatic creatures dwelling amongst the embedded rocks and boulders that are precariously perched along its walls.


A great dive experience day or night from 30 to 120 feet.


3: Majahuitas Beach Paradise: Located on the south side of the Bay and only reachable by boat, the most beautiful beach in Vallarta, Majahuita Beach offers beautiful clear water for snorkel enthusiastic and great dive sites. After enjoying water sports, people can sunbathe or play volleyball and Frisbee without being bothered by beach vendors or crowds. Spend a wonderful day in the sun having fun.


Majahuitas is a coved area, close to shore, with a gradual slope and is populated by friendly schools of tropical fish and is a favorite amongst snorkelers and divers alike due to its shallow depths and abundance of aquatic life. Majahuitas is a popular and easy dive with something for everyone. Dive depths go down to approximately 120 feet.


4: Chimo: This dive site is located near the southern end of the Bay of Banderas and is considered to be one of the most fantastic dive sites in the entire bay. The remote area is usually teeming with aquatic life of every description - from giant mantas, dolphins, whales and turtles... to the beautiful Moorish Idols, Sargeant-Majors, and the delicate sea-horse.


The diving depth ranges from 15 to 120 feet and it's not uncommon to encounter currents... making Chimo a choice for the more experienced divers


5: The Las Marietas Islands are located near the northern end of the Bay of Banderas and is a protected wildlife sanctuary. This trip takes you to the magical islands, home of several endangered species of birds like the Blue Footed, Boobies, which are only found in the Galapagos islands and the Islands of the Sea of Cortez. Great diving through caves and tunnels and visiting Lovers Beach which is accessible by surface swim through an archway. All of these formations are volcanic. The boat ride out offers the opportunity of viewing dolphins, giant mantas, turtles and Humpback Whales (seasonally).


With its variety of caves, reefs, and drop-offs this is one of the most popular and visited areas, for scuba diving and snorkeling, in the Mexican Pacific.Dive depths go down to approximately 75 feet.




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