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Public Restrooms in Puerto Vallarta Mexico


FIRST THINGS FIRST: Men’s restrooms will most usually be marked “Hombres” or “Caballeros”; Women’s restrooms are usually titled “Mujeres” or “Damas”.

To ask where the bathrooms are, simply say “Donde estan los baños?”


“Plan Ahead” is a good motto when it comes to needing a restroom while you’re visiting Puerto Vallarta. Of course nearly every restaurant has restrooms, but they are generally reserved for customers. Best plan is to use the restroom every time you stop for food and drink. You will often see hand-lettered signs near the entrance to restaurants, advising “Baños solo para clients” (Bathrooms are for clients only), but will also often also say “cinco pesos para otros” (five pesos for others). This is your invitation to use the bathrooms cheaply (5 pesos = roughly 50 cents usd).


There are public restrooms in El Centro (downtown) as well as in Viejo Vallarta (the ‘old town’ area south of downtown), and at each of these locations an attendant will request payment of a few pesos and provide you with toilet paper before you enter. In downtown, the restrooms are downstairs from the Los Arcos theater that is across from both the main town square and Hooter’s restaurant. Take the stairs down from the south end of the stage.


In Viejo Vallarta, the public restrooms are opposite the south-west corner of Cardeñas Park just a few steps between Olas Altas Street and the beach, between Daquiri Dick’s and the Taste of Italy restaurants.


Note that Mexicans typically deposit their used toilet paper in the trash bins located in each toilet stall, rather than flushing it. This is to keep the pipes from clogging, and if it seems a little gross to you, think of how much more distasteful it will be to have the toilet overflow on your sandaled feet. In modern resorts the plumbing is modern enough that this is not necessary, but where trash cans are provided in public or restaurant bathrooms, please use them rather than flushing your used toilet paper.


Also note that many restrooms in popular and busy restaurants will have a restroom attendant inside whose job it is to keep the premises clean, supply you with paper towels for drying your hands, and offer an assortment of items like mints, cologne, etc. This man or woman will most likely be working only for tips…leave a few coins in their basket for their work.

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