river-side patio dining on the Isla Cuale

Off the beaten track and worth looking for! Toward the north end of the island in the middle of the Cuale River you'll find a beautiful covered patio next to the river where Esther and Mismael serve up their varied menu of dining delights at Bolero.

There's something for every taste here: Jumbo shrimp, steaks, lobster, fajitas, filet mignon, enchiladas, pastas, steak and seafood combination plates, and an ever-changing menu of creative daily specials. Try the fish fillet stuffed with shrimp in a seafood sauce au gratin, or the coconut-breaded shrimp with a warm mango sauce...both are outstanding choices for seafood lovers!


Fine river-side dining on the island

Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner

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