Patti Gallardo
Eclectic Art in Viejo Vallarta

From an early age Patti has always felt compelled to express hereself. Her inherent creativity has always sought an outlet.

Twenty years ago, Practical Patti picked up everything and moved from the Beaches in Toronto, Canada to the village of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Today, in her eclectic showroom / botique, you will find not only unique handpainted clothes and accessories, but home art in a variety of mediums. Everything from whimsical rugs and cushions to duvet covers, handpainted dollas, wooden figurineds and unusual handcarved painted tables and chairs.

99% self-taught, Patti's designs and themes have matured along with the woman. The childlike images and brignt primal pallets of her designs reflect her own simplicity, and confidence. Her themes are integral to whi she is as a human being: her life experiences have made her value what is honest, unfettered, and childlike.

Her keen interest in the empowerment of women resounds throughout her work.

Patti's work appeals to people from all over the workd, with regular customers from places as diverse as Texas, Germany, and Japan. Her designs have been sold wholesale outside of Mexico in fine galleries, botiques and specialty shops in New York, Cape Cod, Denver, Phoenix, Detroit, San Francisco, Miami, and Palm Springs.


Patti Gallardo Eclectic Art
at the corner of Ignacio Vallarta and
Basilio Badillo

in Viejo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta's Beautiful 'Old Town'

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