Open Air Expediciones of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
THE Whale Watching Center your ONE source for EVERYTHING Puerto Vallarta
We believe that Ecotourism is not only a different way of traveling, it is also a way to Manage and Protect the Natural Resources of the World, through Creating Greater Environmental Awareness in Travelers. And this can only happens with Professionals.
This is an activity intended to help Mother Earth and Her richness survive the consequences of Modern Human Actions so that future generations can enjoy Her wealth.
Open Air Expeditions /"The Whale Watching Center" only travel in Small Groups with Professionals and Experienced Multilingual Guides. We take special precautions, so you can be completely sure you are not disturbing the Environment that we are enjoying.
We Actively Do and Support Research and Conservational Programs on a Local, National and International Level.
Open Air Expeditions/"The Whale Watching Center " is Owned and Operated by Oceanologists and Professional, Certified Adventure Tourism Guides.

More than a Guide, you will meet a team of Fully Multilingual Ocenalogists, Biologists, Ornitologists and Professional Photographers, whom will lead you to the Most Exciting, Knowledgeable and Wonderful World of Inland and Oceanic Etiquette.

We have been actively participating in Scientific Research Programs with the NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmosphere Administration) in Monterey Bay, San Francisco, Ca. and with the National Geographic Society in Cedros Island in Baja California, Mexico..

Open Air is one of the very few Companies Fully Certified as Eco-Tour Operators in the Mexican Republic..

Our routes can be adjusted to accommodate travelers of all skill levels, and we will happily arrange custom tours.
Our tours are All Covered by Liability Insurance, one of the reasons why we DO NOT serve Alcoholic Beverages.