Milagros de Mexico
in Viejo Vallarta
Welcome to Milagros ('Miracles') de Mexico. Romeo Diaz has one of the finest collections of native Mexican arts in his Viejo Vallarta ('old town') gallery and store. His selection of original hand-made Oaxacan black clay from San Bartolo, Coyotepec surely includes a piece you will fall in love with.
You'll also find a whimsical selection of Oaxacan animal figurines with their brilliant colors and precise hand-painting.
Be sure to see the large collection of intricate Huichol art of colored yarn and tiny beads. Squares, gourds, and figures, large and small...each one tells a story. Also see the hand-made carnival masks from the Huave Indians of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca.

Milagros de Mexico
Càrdenas 270
just East of Insurgentes
in Viejo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta's Beautiful 'Old Town'

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