Hotel Posada Rio Cuale in Viejo Vallarta,
Puerto Vallarta Mexico's beautiful 'Old Town'

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While on vacations in Puerto Vallarta, David Hernández returned to his hotel to discover he had been left without a room. The hotel needed to accommodate other guest which they had overlooked.

He had decided he would one day open a hotel of his own. In 1963 David did just that and gave life to the Hotel Posada Río Cuale, a small 7 room hotel, one room for each family member.

With the beginning of the hotel come the birth of the Restaurant Le Gourmet. The first one of his kind in Puerto Vallarta specializing in Flambee, his wife Anna Maria's idea.

Well, things have changed little since those early days; the hotel has grown to 20 rooms, gaining popularity and outgrowing the small piano bar upstairs. David has retired and Anna MarÌa no longer prepares dishes in the kitchen. But the Posada still carries the Hern·ndez Family traditions under the care of their son José Luis.

Since 1979 José Luis has carried on from where his parents left off, continuing to make certain the Hotel and Restaurant live up to his Family's and guest expectations.

The Hotel Posada Río Cuale still offers family style hospitality in the air conditioned comfort of the clean, quiet rooms, located 20 minutes from the International Airport in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, know as old town or "Viejo Vallarta". In minutes you can walk to shops, museums, galleries and the most Famous stretch of beach.