LORI'S La Escondida
Sports Bar
and Hide-away in Viejo Vallarta, Mexico
Lori's La Escondida is a friendly little hide-away for visitors and locals alike. You're only a stranger here once...The friendly owner and her staff will make sure you're introduced to 'the gang' upon your arrival, and it's not unusual to make life-long friends here! It's bar policy to offer the guests a shot of tequila 'on the house' after ordering a few drinks.
THIS IS THE PLACE for NFL Football all weekend long! Fans come to watch their favorite teams, and friendly rivalries between opposing fans usually results in somebody buying a round for the house. Up to 5 different games can be displayed at any one time, so it's not difficult to get to see YOUR game! And with satellite, dish, and cable feeds, nearly ANY sporting event you don't want to miss, college or pro, can be shown for you in this friendly hide-away!

La Escondida Sports Bar


Jacarandas #210, just off Madero, next to the Villa del Mar Hotel


In Viejo Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta's beautiful 'Old Town'

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