Daiquiri Dick's: On the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

For over 22 years, Peter and Tari Bowman have nourished Puerto Vallarta at their serene and sophisticated beachside restaurant, Daiquiri Dick's. The rustic charm of the original establishment was replaced some 10 years ago when the location was rebuilt and completely remodeled. The restaurant's contemporary design exudes a quiet elegance and invites relaxation. Chef Rafael Nazario and Chef de Cuisine Ignacio Uribe Moreno have fused an eclectic menu where classic Mexican, European and American preparations appear side by side, along with a spirited dose of Asian, Indian, and northern African influences. In short, the menu is wholly representative of today's modern cuisines; it constantly changes and evolves, yet each dish maintains an integrity and authenticity firmly rooted in classical and traditional cooking methods.

Seafood dishes are plentiful, reflecting our position in the middle of one of the worlds largest natural bays. Meats are grilled, and organic greens and fresh vegetables are abundant. It is light fare that enlivens the diner and is apt to awaken even the most jaded palate. Take a moment to peruse our site or check out our menus or drop us a line.