The Blue Shrimp Restaurant and B-Martini Bar in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Shrimply... Delicious!

The Blue Shrimp Restaurant features the highest quality. largest and best-flavored shrimp brought from both the Mexican Gulf and the Pacific Ocean.
It is for this reason that the owners decided to open a restaurant such as this! This way, everyone is able to enjoy the shrimp, using the chef's own special recipies!

Puerto Vallarta is one of the most beautiful and most popular locations in Mexico. A perfect setting for The Blue Shrimp Restaurant.

The environment at the restaurant is as if it were taken directly from a Jules Vern book.
Air conditioned inside or an open patio outside for those that enjoy dining under the stars.

If you do not feel like having shrimp, not to worry! Huge lobsters, fish filets and thick, rib-eye cuts.

The proud owner will personally take good care of you. You are invited to try one of the few salad bars in the area - on the house! Or rather, on the tree. This is a must-see!

Some of the more popular recipies include coconut shrimp, tequila shrimp, garlic shrimp. Two sizes to choose from, medium or jumbo.

And another not-to-miss are the tropical and aphrodisiac cocktails such as piña coladas (served in real coconut shells!) along with a fine wine list, and don't forget to try our famous blue margaritas.