Artesanias Flores
Beautiful Huichol Bead and Yarn Art in Viejo Vallarta
For the Huichol Indians that still thrive in the hills around Tepic (about 2 hours North of Puerto Vallarta), producing their vibrant yarn and beaded art is part of their day to day life, worshiping through these incredible works. We have a large selection of the finest offerings of the Huichol people for your enjoyment.
Some of these truly amazing pieces utilize literally MILES of fine colored yard, or TENS of THOUSANDS of individually-placed tiny beads. The work is done by hand, without benefit of tracing patterns or masks, flowing from the artists heart and mind and through their fingers to the artwork. Each piece is absolutely original, there can never be two exactly alike.

Artesanias Flores
On Lazaro Cardenas just East of Ignacio Vallarta

In Viejo Vallarta, the Beautiful 'Old Town' of Puerto Vallarta your ONE source for EVERYTHING Puerto Vallarta

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