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Nothing could make a relaxing Puerto Vallarta vacation MORE relaxing than a great massage. It's probably an indulgence you normally don't make time for back home, but here it's darn near a requirement to take advantage of such a great deal!

As of his writing (April 2016), the exchange rate has been giving about 17 pesos to the U.S. Dollar. That's nearly DOUBLE what it was just a couple years ago, and means that a 'basic' relaxing massage here can only cost you about 20 lousy bucks! Compare that to back home, where a professional massage can START at over 50 dollars, and in some places cost you $100 minimum.

You'll find massage theraists everywhere...on the beach in breezy curtained cabanas, in your hotel and nearby, and just aboout anyplace a tourist might wander by. Head down to "old town" (the South side of the Cuale river, and you'll find about a dozen or more on Basilo Badilio street, in-between the restaurants and shops, all along the 5 blocks between the beach and the highway that heads South out of town.

Typical prices are 400 to 500 pesos for a "relaxing" one hour (50 minute) massage, and can go as high as a couple thousand pesos (still just a little more than a hundred U.S. Dollars) for two hours of intense deep-tissue work that will leave your muscles worked out completely and having you feeling limp as a noodle.

The EDITOR'S CHOICE award for 2016 BEST MASSAGE in Vallarta goes to Cecilia at "No Name Massage"!

Don't be fooled by Cecilia's small stature...her clients have started to call her "the massage ninja" for the power she packs in her massages.

Puerto Vallarta has a blessing in this 5-foot ninja. She's only a block off the normal tourist track, so she doesn't have to charge the high-rent prices of the other spas. She's trained in all the massage arts, so can offer Thai and Swedish massage, deep tisssue work, hot stones (try it...it's awesome!), and real physical therapy to those who need it...all with a lovng yet professional touch.

A "standard" relaxing massage is only 350 measly pesos, and lasts for 70 (SEVENTY!) minutes, not just 50; it will leave you feeling so mellow and relaxed that you'll want to schedule another massage for a day or two down the road.

You can find Ceci and "No Name Massage" on Carranza (#354), just one door East of Insurgentes/Hwy 200 (around the corner from the El Monaco Pool, Grill and Bar). As another reference point, this corner is one block South of the big Farmacia Guadalajara (pharmacy) in 'old town'; OR one block North of the Wings Army and Act II theater on Basilo Badilo Street. Look for her green and pink "No Name Massage" sign, walk up one flight, and get ready for muscle relaxation!

During the summer the deal often gets even better with reduced prices while the flocks of tourists are back up North...so if you're planning on being here May-October, you're in for an ever sweeter treat! But during "The Season", you're best to book in advance due to high demand from all the 'snowbirds' that make a weekly massage from Cecilia part of their regular plans.



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