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Leather Clothing and Leather Goods in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Mexican Leather Goods
in Puerto Vallarta

Among the great bargains you will find in the shops and stores of Puerto Vallarta are leather goods...shoes, sandals, bags, and clothing of all types. When the cow is finished wearing it, leather in the hands of skilled Mexican leather artists becomes beautiful and practical clothing for you!

The Mexican leather industry is mostly located in the state of Guanajuato. About 80 percent of leather production is in León - Mexico's fourth largest city, a good day's drive from Puerto Vallarta. But much of the merchandise comes to "PV" and you will find many beautiful hand-stitched leather products here...jackets, dresses, vests, hats, sandals, and more...at prices considerably less than in the United States or Canada.


There are many exceptional stores ("tiendas") for great Mexican leather goods in Puerto Vallarta...here's a rundown of the best of the best:


CLASSIC LEATHER ART: For those with a bent to the classic western look, Puerto Vallarta is home to Classic Leather Art and Alfonso Nuño. Walking into Alfonso's store on Piño Suarez just off the corner of Càrdenas is akin to stepping into an old wild-west clothing museum, with authentic leather coats, dresses, and boots adorned with brass, beads, and bone accents. Most work is custom produced right here in the shop by Alfonso. His shop doesn't even need a sign...you'll see his wares on display outside the store opposite the north-east corner of Cardenas Park in Viejo Vallarta.
Anna, the most beautiful woman in Mexico.The beautiful Anna from Guadlajara in custom leather cowboy hat with hand-crafted leather riding crop at Classic Leather Art.



In "Huaracheria Fabiola
", across from the Hotel Molina de Agua on Vallarta Street (in Viejo Vallarta just south of the bridge over the Cuale River), your need for authentic Mexican leather footwear will be filled...they've got OVER 2000 PAIRS of beautiful hand-made sandals ("huaraches") and shoes, plus belts and hats. Custom orders for extra-large or -wide feet can usually be made in about 24 hours. Watch the artists at work here, and walk out in a new pair of beautiful new leather sandals.



Western Classic "M" Leather Store presents an beautiful collection of hand-embroidered skirts, dresses, coats, hats, and 'bomber jackets'. Jorge here can custom-bead nearly any piece you like for a truly original piece of wearable art. Located at Hidalgo #173, just a couple blocks from the 'Flea Market' on the north side of the Cuale River, downtown Puerto Vallarta.


Puerto Vallarta Mexico is  home to some of the finest dining in the WORLD. No kidding, Puerto Vallarta's restaurants have been featured repeatedly in the most prestigeous culinary publications, and for good reason...the fine dining in Puerto Vallarta is WORLD CLASS!

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