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Holidays and Fiestas

January 1 Año Nuevo New Year's Day, official Mexican holiday  
January 6 Día de los Santos Reyes Mexicans exchange Christmas gifts in accordance with the arrival of the 3 gift-bearing wise men to Jesus Christ.  
January 17 Feast Day of de San Antonio de Abad Religious holiday where the Catholic Church allows animals to enter the church for blessing.

Mexicans LOVE parades...they'll parade for almost anything or nothing at all. Holidays are of course big occasions for parades, but witness an account by a bartender at a local bar:

Yesterday, as I relaxed after work tending bar in La Escondida, I heard the faint sound of drumming. The booming neared and the urge to see what was happening overtook me. I went outside and stood barefoot on the cobblestone street. I caught sight of lights from a police-escort truck and realized my neighbourhood was in store for a parade.

First, there were several youths on drums beating the march. I saw some native dancers, and then a full marching band of what appeared to be young teens. Someone was carrying a sign displaying the name of a school. Finally, a group of adults and children carrying lit candles passed.

My boyfriend asked what I thought the parade was for. I replied, “Honey, we’re in Puerto Vallarta. They're parading because they’ve learned the song and want to share it with us all.” Who knows? They could have been trying to elicit support for their school or celebrating one of Mexico’s many holidays I have trouble keeping up with.

I can’t count how many parades I’ve witnessed since moving to Puerto Vallarta that don’t seem to be celebrating anything more than life. It was just another day in paradise.

Early February (varies) Carnival 5-day celebration of the libido before the Catholic lent. Begins the weekend before Lent, Carnaval is celebrated with parades, floats and dancing in the streets, official Mexican holiday
February 5 Día de la Constitución Mexico's Constitution, official Mexican holiday
February 24 Dia de la Bandera Flag Day Mexican flag day, official Mexican holiday
March 21 The Birthday of Benito Juárez, Famous Mexican president and national hero, official Mexican holiday
April (varies) Semana Santa Holy Week that ends the 40-day Lent period which includes includes Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Customary to break confetti-filled eggs over the heads of friends and family.
May 1 Primero de Mayo Equivalent to the U.S. Labor Day, official Mexican holiday
May 3 Día de la Santa Cruz (Holy Cross Day) Celebration of Saints and is celebrated 9 days prior
May 5 Cinco de Mayo: Batalla de Puebla (Battle of Puebla) Defeat of the French army in Puebla, official Mexican holiday
May 10 Mother's Day
June 1 Navy Day Official Mexican holiday
September 1 Annual State of the Union Approximate date when the President delivers the address in the autumn.
September 16 Mexican Independence Day Miguel Hidalgo delivered El Grito de Dolores, and announced the Mexican revolt against Spanish rule. The fiestas (parties) for this holiday actually start the evening before, culminating in a rousing chant of 'Viva Mexico!' and church-bell ringing at midnight of the 15th.
October 12 Día de la Raza Columbus' arrival to the Americas.
November 1 & 2 Día de los Muertos Honoring of Mexico's dead.
November 20 Mexican Revolution Day Mexican Revolution of 1910, official Mexican holiday
December 12 Día de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Virgin of Guadalupe. This fiesta begins on December 1 in Puerto Vallarta, and runs for 12 days. Parades, processions, and parties.
December 16 Las Posadas Joseph and Mary's seek for shelter in Bethlehem. Las Posadas continues through January 6.  
December 25 Navidad Christmas day.  
December 28 Día de Santos Innocentes, ("Day of the innocent saints"). Formerly a religious holiday, it is now the equivelent of "April Fool's Day". On this day you should believe NOTHING you hear or read (newspapers favor this day for headline reporting of ourtageously ridiculous fabrications. If you lend money to somebody on this day, they are under no moral obligation to repay you, ever.  

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