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Geckos ("Cuizas") in Puerto Vallarta


Puerto Vallarta is in a tropical zone. That means we have lizards here. Lizards love this climate.

It’s not unlikely that you’ll encounter big lizards, like iguanas, in the gardens surrounding your resort’s pool or patios. Relax…they’re harmless, and in fact, beneficial…they mostly eat insects, including mosquitoes. If you’re the type of person who thinks lizards are yucky and scary, don’t worry…they’re even more afraid of you than you are of them.


One of the most beneficial, cutest, and smallest lizards is the common gecko. These little buggers are everywhere, and are considered a blessing if you happen to have one in your room or house. They scurry about the walls and ceiling, mostly at night, eating bugs and wiggling from one corner to the next. If you find one in your room, do not worry about him…in fact, thank your lucky stars that he is there…he will help keep your room bug-free, and not bother you a bit. They don’t bite, sting, or otherwise pose any danger whatsoever to you.


If you don’t see them, you might hear them chirping to each other in the night. For such a small animal, it’s an amazingly loud sound, like a loud 'kiss', or keys tapping and scraping on glass. They hide behind pictures and mirrors on the wall, and will hang out near outdoor lights at night waiting for the moths and other flying insects that the lights attract. Baby geckos are smaller than your pinky nail, and at best grow to about 3 or 4 inches long.


You can take a close look at one if you move slowly toward it when you see one. They are not spooked easily until you get within a foot or so of them, then they will wiggle off toward the nearest escape. They are nearly transparent, so you can actually see their heart beat and lungs expand and contract if you get close enough. If you have a laser-pointer you can play with them; they will chase the point of light across the walls and ceiling…but make sure you don’t let the light hit their eyes, as it can blind them. It’s unlikely you will ever succeed in catching one…these little buggers are incredibly fast and manage to escape most attempts at capture. Even if you do catch one, he will likely escape by separating from his tail, which will grow back later.


These little lizard friends are often referred to here as “cuizas”, pronounced “Kwee-zsahs”. A private joke among Mexicans is to refer to a particularly light-skinned person as a ‘cuiza’, meaning somebody who is so light-skinned that you can see through them. Colorless people can make friends among the typically darker-skinned Mexicans by referring to themselves as a ‘cuiza’.


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