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Puerto Vallarta Mexico Fast Food

Fast Food in Puerto Vallarta
You eat too much ‘fast food’ at home, and Puerto Vallarta is renowned for world-class cuisine…why would you want to bother with a Big Mac?


Because it’s ‘comfort food’ for when you get just a bit homesick, or it’s something fast and familiar when you’re hungry NOW or on the go. Or because you don't believe us when we tell you that a Whopper in Puerto Vallarta tastes EXACTLY like a Whopper in any other Burger King on the planet. In any case, we’ve got most of your favorites here.


McDonald’s has several locations in Puerto Vallarta and another in Nuevo Vallarta, with all the normal menu items you’d expect, albeit some have slightly different names. Just look at the pictures on the menu, and you’ll find what you’re looking for. Be warned, though: while ‘Micky-D’s’ has a reputation for being fast up north, you will sometimes find yourself waiting for what seems like forever for your happy meal down here. On the other hand, if you have to wait for it, it WILL be fresh.
1) Across from the north end of the Malecon on Paseo Diaz (kitty-corner from the Hotel Rosito)
2) In the Plaza Marina Shopping Center, about midway in the plaza.
3) Inside the Plaza Carocol Shopping Center, downstairs, under the theaters.
4) Inside the Liverpool shopping center (next to Sam's and Walmart), upstairs in food court.
5) In the Paradise Plaza Shopping Center next to Paradise Village in Nuevo Vallarta


Burger King has two street locations and one inside a shopping mall. Again, same fare as you’re familiar with, and the service tends to be much faster than McDonald’s. Same little cardboard crowns available for the kiddies.
1) Downtown across from the main plaza at the corner of Jaurez and Zaragoza
2) Approx. middle of the ‘Hotel Zone’ on Avenue Francisco Medina Ascencio, next to Office Depot (Drive-Thru also at this location)
3) Inside the Plaza Caracol Shopping Center, upstairs, opposite the movie theater entrance


Kentucky Fried Chicken has one location in Puerto Vallarta on the ‘main road’ through town, almost across from the Plaza Caracol Shopping Center. Brand new in 2005, it has all the finger-licking-good qualities of the northern variety. Can be very crowded between 2 and 4 pm (the normal lunchtime for Mexicans), although that may fade when the novelty wears off. Also offers delivery in the hotel zone…call 225-2600. (Drive-Thru also at this location)



Carl’s Jr. is another new addition to Puerto Vallarta, opening in 2005. Same huge burgers, plus a respectable salad bar. Inside the “sMall Vallarta” across the street from the Hotel Rosita, in the block just past McDonald’s and the north end of the Malecòn; there's another one on the main road just before the airport, and another inside the airport (upstairs).




Subway has four outlets in Vallarta. Same fresh made-before-your eyes cold and hot subs as up north: On Ave. Francisco Medina Ascencio just behind the Blockbuster Video Store; Inside the Plaza Caracol Shopping center, upstairs, opposite the movie theater entrance; at the Plaza Marian shopping center; and downtown across from the Malecon, toward the North end.



Pizza Hut has a restaurant and, of course, delivery city-wide utilizing a fleet of little delivery motorcycles that can speed and wind their way through traffic, only occasionally fatally. The restaurant is next to Plaza Caracol about midway along the ‘Hotel Zone’. For delivery, call 224-0933, 4, or 5.




Dominos Pizza also employs a crew of daring motorcycle delivery drivers who may scare the pants off you when they drive up the middle of two lanes of traffic. One toll-free phone number services the entire country: dial 01.800.552.2222. They have a store downtown across from the main plaza, another in front of Plaza Caracol in the middle of the hotel zone, and another on Highway 200 north of the airport.





Puerto Vallarta Mexico is  home to some of the finest dining in the WORLD. No kidding, Puerto Vallarta's restaurants have been featured repeatedly in the most prestigeous culinary publications, and for good reason...the fine dining in Puerto Vallarta is WORLD CLASS!

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