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Sea Kayak Tours in Puerto Vallarta

By Griffin Page
Naturalist ~ Eco-guide


Sea kayaking, in itself, is a great way to enjoy the ocean while admiring the panorama offered by the landscape. It’s also a good way to reach certain areas otherwise difficult to attain, such as small isolated beaches or islands. Personally, I love the peacefulness the open sea offers and I will often stop, just to listen at the water brushing against the side of the kayak. The immensity and quietness of all that open space puts everything back into perspective. It shows us how infinitely small we are and how awesome nature is. Closing your eyes, taking a deep breath and letting yourself be rocked by the gentle motion of the water is like going back to the cradle. Back to when our life’s little problems hadn’t begun yet. It’s a good place to let it all go and just be.

Kayaking in the south part of the bay can sometimes be less challenging and hence enjoyed by a greater majority of people because of the calmer waters found there. Due to the usual ocean currents and prevailing winds, the south part of the bay offers a little more shelter from the waves usually found in the north side where surfing is often practiced.


A good starting point is the small fishing village of Boca de Tomatlán, located more or less 30 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta where the Horcones River flows into a little cove. From there, as you enter the bay, it’s best to head west as the current usually goes east and you’ll probably want a little help on the way back.


A short trip (20 – 30 minutes of kayaking) will take you to the beautiful cove of Colomitos where you can, more often than not, stop at the beach and enjoy some snorkeling. A longer trip will take you further along the coast where numerous beaches of different sizes are found. Some where you can stop, others not. Of course, stopping on a beach is always relative to the effect of the tide and the waves encountered at the moment of your trip. An experienced guide who knows the area can be of assistance in helping you decide whether it’s a good idea to stop on a particular beach or whether you should continue enjoying the sea a certain distance from the shore.


Sea kayaks are great for the beginner or the expert. Since you are sitting on top of the kayak rather than in it, should you fall out, you can simply swim to your kayak and get right back on with relative ease. You may even just choose to jump out for a quick refreshing dip..


As you glide on the water, you will enjoy an incredibly beautiful sub-tropical jungle that grows between and above huge boulders that form most of the coast on this side of the bay. Waves splash and create miniature rivers flowing in the cracks of the moss ladden rocks of the shore. Huge crabs with bluish bodies and orange-reddish legs crawl on or even jump from rock to rock.. Flocks of brown pelicans, preparing to nose dive the waters in search of fish, can be seen flying in formation. An occasional hawk, carrying its prey, may be observed flying back to the forest to enjoy its meal. A spotted eagle ray may swim near the surface and pass right by your kayak.


In other words, every day on the ocean is different. Every trip reveals unexpected treasures, new memories are created and stored in the everlasting book of our life’s experiences. And all it takes to add another page to this special book, is for us to be out there, looking at and enjoying the marvels of nature.


Come kayak with us. Come and discover the south side of the bay from a different angle, a different perspective. Let the water rock you gently and forget everything else. Take a break from your normal life and allow yourself to just be, even if for just a moment.


Let’s not forget to protect ourselves. It’s always a good idea to wear sunscreen, UV protection sunglasses (with a neck strap to avoid losing them should you drop them accidentally) and a hat. The water and breeze tend to multiply the harsh effects of the suns rays.




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