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Environmentally-Friendly Eco Tour activity planning services in Puerto Vallarta from Griffin Page and Natural Treasures!


The best way to plan all your activities in Puerto Vallarta is right here. Griffin Page, a qualified ecotour guide, residing and working in beautiful Puerto Vallarta Mexico, will reveal her secrets to you and help design your vacation.


Let Griffin custom-plan your eco-tour excursions to meet your specific needs and desires. Reserve it all from the comfort of your own home and avoid disappointments during your well deserved trip.


Also enjoy here Griffin's nature articles, filled with beautiful pictures, on species of Flora and Fauna encountered in the area. From Humpback whales to Turtles, as well as birds and plants.....and the list keeps growing.


By Griffin Page, Naturalist and Eco-guide


Artcles by
Griffin Page:

When I started writing under the “Natural Treasures” theme, it didn’t occur to me that people wouldn’t know exactly what my intentions were. So let me explain and allow me to give you the yearly schedules of available tours in our beautiful Bay.


First and foremost, Natural Treasures is dedicated to offering free quality information on the diverse species encountered in this area. This free information is given with the intention of raising awareness and thus, helping conserve the beauty that surrounds us. Education and widespread information is key in effectively protecting and conserving habitats. Each and every one of us plays a role, whether we like it or not, since we all reside and move about in one or more habitats through out our lives.


We at Natural Treasures take this opportunity to invite you to witness these wonders with us. We specialize in helping you find the nature activity that suits your needs and desires. Make sure the tour you book is the right one for you. Many options are at your disposal. Let a knowledgeable eco-guide present you with a selection best suited for your needs.

Let me give you a list of many different low impact activities available in our beautiful Bahía de Banderas:

Humpback whales: These tours are available by law only between the 15th of December and the 31st of March. There are companies that have the proper permits for this activity and some that don’t. It is strongly recommended to use the ones which have permits. These follow guidelines related to whale watching and to the protection of these endangered species. They will also give you very informational tours which will enhance your experience. Click HERE for more info.
Marine Turtles: Guided and informative tours are usually available from July or August to December. These tours bring support to a government operated marine turtle conservation camp and your participation helps in the conservation of these most ancient marine species. Click HERE for more info.
Dolphins: Tours for dolphin experiences in the wild are available throughout the year. These tours take you out to the ocean in search of this beloved creature in its natural habitat. Also available are dolphin experiences such as swim with the dolphins where the dolphins are trained Bottlenose dolphin and kept inside a large holding tank. Click HERE for more info.
Hiking: Hikes in the exceptional mountains of the Sierra Madre are available throughout the year. Some will take you to water falls, others will follow the coast and offer snorkeling opportunities once you arrive at the destination beach. Others will take you high up and inside the majestic mountains to offer you a bird’s eye view of the bay. Click HERE for more info.
Canopy: This activity available throughout the year involves zipping from tree to tree, harnessed to cables. It is pretty wild and popular as well. You fly over rivers and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings from a quite different perspective. Me Tarzan you Jane? Well, it’s something like that. Click HERE for more info.
Bird watching: Available throughout the year since this area is home to about 117 different species of spectacular birds. During the migratory season, between December and April, this region hosts over 360 species and is now getting worldwide attention from avid birdwatchers. Click HERE for more info.
Diving and Snorkeling: Our bay is a splendid huge living aquarium containing a multitude of colorful tropical reef fish and coral growths. Of course, these activities are available throughout the year. Depending on the season, it is sometimes preferable to go out to some islands because of the murkiness of the shores due to heavy rain being channeled down by rivers. Click HERE for more info.
Sea kayaking: In itself it's a great way to enjoy the ocean while admiring the panorama offered by the landscape. It’s also a good way to reach certain areas otherwise difficult to attain, such as small isolated beaches or islands. Easy for beginners or experienced kayakers. Click HERE for more info.

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