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Ride the Sky on Puerto Vallarta
Canopy Tours!

By Griffin Page
Naturalist ~ Eco-guide

Ever wondered what it would be like to swing from tree to tree like Tarzan did? To zip across a river at a height of 90 feet up in the air? It’s more fun than you could possibly have imagined! And for once, not only Tarzan gets to do it but Jane too!


While the well trained staff runs you through the easy techniques and sets you up in your harness, you can already feel the thrill; the excitement of your first easy flight through the trees. Then gradually, the zipping becomes longer and higher, by then though, you have mastered the technique and are having a jolly good time, laughing, watching your friends or family members zipping along in front or behind you.


As you are zipping, you can enjoy the incredible beauty of the Sierra Madre’s superb vegetation and get a bird’s eye view of the amazing scenery. See wild orchids, lush tropical forests, rivers and water falls from above. Watch as a river flows below you, as the sun shines through the tree tops and creates a spectacular panorama of shade and light, and as the trees go by, take a deep breath and enjoy the rare opportunity to smell pure, untainted air! Most of us city dwellers have forgotten how sweet clean fresh air can be! The natural aromas of nature bring us back to an era when mankind hadn’t yet taken over.

This experience is incomparable to any other…if you haven’t tried it, you don’t know what you're missing.


While minimum age is 6 to 8 years old, minimum height is 4 feet and maximum weight allowed is 250 lbs per person, and pregnancy can be a problem because of the harness, most anyone can enjoy this adventure, because an adventure is exactly what it is. Make sure you have good footwear such as running shoes or other comfortable closed toed shoes, a camera with a strap so your hands are free and you don’t lose your camera, and insect repellent. A light sweater or pullover is recommended as the air is a little chillier up in the mountains.


Some canopies allow for a refreshing swim in the river at the end of your adventure and a delicious lunch in a natural setting is available so you can relive your experience with your family and friends, while others have a variety of stations, including a suspended bridge. Call and reserve your unforgettable adventure today!



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