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English-language books and magazines in Puerto Vallarta

Books and Magazines in English in Puerto Vallarta


Didn’t bring enough reading material with you to Puerto Vallarta? Did you finish the book you brought, and need another for entertainment while tanning by the pool? Finding English-language books and magazines in Puerto Vallarta can be a bit of a challenge.

Puerto Vallarta supermarkets will generally have a few of the major magazines, or English-language Latin-American versions (such as Time Magazine); they usually also carry the top-ten state-side best sellers, but ONLY the top-ten. Likewise your hotel gift shop, if they have any at all.

Another good spot for books in Puerto Vallarta is called Page in the Sun, and this little used-book store has a wide selection of other people’s trade-offs. Bring in your book, receive a credit of approx. ¼ of the cover price, and pick up something else for about ½ price. Mostly fiction, but a small selection of everything else. Also a few used popular-title magazines. This is a busy place that also has good coffee, espresso, and pastries, and a little sidewalk café on which to enjoy them and your ‘new’ book. Located in Viejo Vallarta about a half block from the beach and across the street from the North side of the park..

Also in Viejo Vallarta, Sports Bar Escondida has a couple shelves of used paperbacks…leave yours and take another – what a deal! This is a friendly little sports bar frequented by local ‘gringos’ and part-time residents…a stop in here is likely to gain you some new friends and some good tips on good ‘non-tourist-oriented’ dining. Next to the Hotel ViaMar, on Jacarandas Street just one door south of Madero Street.

At the north end of town in Plaza Marina (just before the Puerto Vallarta Airport) is a “Seven-Eleven” store (not affiliated with the big chain up north), which has a few more than just the top-ten, and also a good selection of magazines. Find it about halfway between the entrance to the Commercial Mexicana supermarket and McDonald’s.

If you can’t find the book or magazine you’re looking for in any of these places, your last best hope is at one of the Puerto Vallarta airport gift stores. Top-ten books and a bit more, but LOTS of magazines. Also the USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle, L.A. Times, and Miami Herald (Latin-America edition).

Puerto Vallarta is no stranger to Costco, Wal-Mart, and Sam's Club. Each of these stores has quite a few books and magazines in english.


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