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Puerto Vallarta Art Galleries, Puerto Vallarta Art Walk


Puerto Vallarta posseses a vibrant art scene, perhaps the most lively in all of Mexico, with dozens of galleries small and large featuring local, regional, national, and international artists of all mediums.

Most art galleries in Puerto Vallarta are located in the Downtown and Viejo Vallarta areas, and from November through April each year you can take advantage of the weekly 'Art Walk', a 6pm to 10pm Wednesday evening ritual for many. Join the Puerto Vallarta Art Walk and you'll be able to stroll through over a dozen beautiful galleries all within close proximity to each other while enjoying free cocktails and snacks...meet artists and gallery owners...and maybe pick up a beautiful new piece of original art for your home.

The rich history of art in Mexico extends back several centuries to the well-documented works of the Aztec, Mayan, and Olmec societies. Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo cemented Mexico's place in the art world, and today Mexico is home to an amazing variety of fine artists whose work is displayed the world over.

Ada Colorina Gallery: Puerto Vallarta is home to many prestigious artists known worldwide. Among them is Ada Colorina, who continues to capture the daily life of a town and its people in her own authentic style.
Galeria Corsica: A recent addition to Vallarta's art gallery scene, Galería Córsica specializes in contemporary art created exclusively by world-renowned Mexican artists. Special world-class monthly exhibitions include small paintings and sculptures, as well as large and eclectic pieces.
Galleria Dante: The largest gallery and sculpture garden in Vallarta is in Viejo Vallarta. Galleria Dante specializes in original works by contemporary artists as well as recasts of well-known bronze statues. The majority of the artists we represent are Mexican, but we do exhibit works by sculptors from as far away as Pietrasanta, Italy.
Galería de Ollas is dedicated to displaying and selling the works of the finest Mata Ortiz potters. We also want to inform our visitors and clients of the incredible story of this village, its people, and development of this art form.
Galeria Flores...Mexican Contemporary Art by Luis Castellanos Valui, Nube, Octavio Ocamp,Indalecio Mancilla, Ian Sanchez, Jose Ribot.
Galeria 8 y mas: In this magnificent gallery space you can see painting and sculpture from the finest artists of Mexico. You can enjoy the work of master artists or discover a new young talent. The gallery is centrally located one block North of the Rio Cuale at the corner of Miramar and Guerro.
Galeria Omar Alonso


Javier Niño Gallery: Dreams and fantasy transformed into reality.
Galería Mata Ortiz is a small elegant gallery who exhibit and sell the Exquisite Mata Ortiz Pottery, the finest pieces of pottery in Mexico, and possibly in the world. Visit us in Viejo Vallarta ('old town') to see the most exquisite collection of this exquisite art pottery.

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